At RED HOUSE we know that nourishment is about so much more than just calories and weight. It is about ensuring your body receives the correct micronutrients according to your individual biochemistry,  from quality, bio-available, whole-food sources. This is why we established Lawson Nutrition. Our program is based on new groundbreaking research on the genetics and epigenetics of eating disorders. If you are underweight or overweight we hope to support you through the process of gaining or losing weight in a healthy, inspiring, compassionate, supportive and non-threatening way. If you struggle with binge-eating we can help to slowly but surely diminish your body's dependence on that behaviour. If you are  a healthy weight but still battle with anxiety surrounding food and weight this program can help. No matter which category your disordered eating falls within, this program will help you start to view food as a great friend as opposed to something to be feared or something that controls your life. With professional support, along with some quality, whole-food nourishment on board your body, mind and life will begin to bloom and flourish! Learn more at Lawson Nutrition and Health Science.

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