The Red House Residential Care Facility


The Longer-term Plan

We are working diligently at being able to provide much needed residential care for people battling eating disorders; however this will require significant funding. If you are keen to help in making this a reality, you can make a donation here. You can also help by sending us an email or old fashioned letter outlining your personal experience/situation and why you believe residential care is needed. This will assist us enormously in convincing Governments, health care funds, and private entities of the dire need for such a service. All letters will be greatly appreciated and you may choose to remain anonymous. With your permission your letter/story may be used in a future art installation as a part of Mary Jane's "Passion, Purpose, Vision, Voice" exhibition.

There is currently no residential care facility for eating disorders in Australia. While it is the ultimate goal of RED HOUSE to establish Australia's first residential care facility this will take time and significant funding. Knowing there is an immense and immediate need out there for new options, RED HOUSE has set up a number of weekly services to operate in the meantime. We will assess which of these are most popular, most needed and most helpful to people in terms of helping them in their journey of recovery, and those with the best results will be transferred over to the residential program. By participating in the weekly services currently on offer you are in effect "voting" for that service as one that you would like to see incorporated into the longer-term residential care facility program.  

Plans for the first RED HOUSE Residence and Day Clinic in Brisbane are in an advanced stage. The organisation is actively seeking funding from a number of sources in order to transform this from a vision into reality. 

What services will RED HOUSE Residential & Day Clinic provide?


RED HOUSE will accommodate up to 16 residents and 12-day patients at any one point in time. RED HOUSE will provide community-based residential care, which is accessible (geographically and financially), efficient, effective, equitable, and of high quality, to women with (primarily chronic) eating disorders.


Importantly, RED HOUSE will be Australia’s first residential treatment option specifically devoted to eating disorders.


View the preliminary drawings of the proposed  RED HOUSE Residential Clinic (coming soon)




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